Saturday, August 27, 2011

I've Been a Busy

girl this week
Got the ironing under control
that was a huge accomplishment!!!!
Tidied the Laundry, you can now move in there
Tidied up my half of the walk in robe
Kept up reasonably with the housework and got a couple of big jobs at work done 
and I have been creating away for my market stall

Would you like to see what I created???

 I purchased the little tops and grow suits,
then I appliqu├ęd the hearts, stars and Lollipop Flowers on them 
The hearts, stars and Lollipop Flowers are made of recycled denim
I think they are so cute

 and now for my doll and Bella's Baby Born modelling some Head Bands

a few more Head Bands

and just to be a bit different here are some Hair Clips
All of the Hair accessories are stitched together so they won't come apart
Many an hour has been spent using a needle and thread this week
When my girls were little I hated it when you paid good money for head bands and clips only to have them fall apart because they were glued together and not very well either

I still have some canvases to finish off, 
a couple are orders
They will have to wait until this evening as I am teaching a Scrap class in Heathcote today
The delightful Miss Kathie aka Scraphappy Kat was going to do it but she had doubled booked herself
(she is in Adelaide for a family thingy)
So I best busy myself and get the washing on the line 
(I washed last night so I could have it out early) 
Do a quick tidy up etc 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and for all you scrappy gals if you are looking for something to scrap pop over to Scraphappy Kats and give the FNC a go 
You can find it
 or you could do the Lollipop Ladies Challenge, it can be found 
Have fun with whatever you are doing


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