Monday, January 23, 2012

How do you eat an Elephant??

or how do you declutter, clean and reorganise a craft space???
One bite at a time!!
I'm begining to think that the eating of the Elephant is a hell of a lot easier.
 My craft space has got into such a mess.
Imagine a teenagers room and then x by about 100
The picture you have in your mind is a rubbish dump
(Am I right??)
That's my craft space
I can no longer put it off as I promised myself that I would have it done by the end of the month and that's approaching at a rapid pace
I was really getting into the purging thingy this afternoon when my youngest asked me to take her to Spotlight
Well you know what happens next
Mum drops everything and off we go to Spotlight that was the end of any productive decluttering today
I did pick up a gorgeous piece of fabric out of the bargain bin for $3.00 
and Anna got what she wanted so a successful shopping trip was had

I have had to be hard on myself so that I stay sort of on task
( as you can see I'm easily distracted)
So there is NO creating anything new until this LITTLE (who am I kidding it's a huge task) job is done
I will still be doing custom orders and FNC examples for Scraphappy Kat
That is all!!
There will be
NO playing with scrappy stuff 
NO playing with fabric and the sewing machine


These Pretty fabrics are my motivator to keep me on task as I'm itching to get the scissors into them
I have so many new ideas floating around in my head and yes I have been writing them down and doing sketches so I don't forget
Best get back to this eating of the Elephant thingy cos the sooner I get it done the sooner I can start creating and share with you

Until next time take care



Ultimate Whirligig said...

Lexie, I love your determination to clean and organise, though my theory is the more you craft, the more stuff you use up...hence I clean while I craft (LOL).
Good luck.

Mandy said...

lol..good luck with your cleaning...i have no space to work art stuff is in my garage and i work on my dining table..its a nightmare must show o photo when you have accomplished your

Anonymous said...

awesome fabrics girl! *itching to get at them too*

Marcia said...

Love the fabrics Lexie especially the peace symbol one. Good luck with organization, never an easy task?