Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is everyone having fun playing the game?????

Would you like to win this?

OK I will tell you how

for those of you who don't know

all you have to do is answer 3 Questions

1 Why did I have to get my washing machine fixed?

2 What was the 7th thing Anna had on her Christmas list?

3 What was I feeling at 50?

all answers can be found somewhere on my blog

you have until midnight (EST) to post your answers

If you answer all 3 questions correctly
your name will go into the hat

The first name that is pulled out is the winner of the scrap pack

when you have all 3 answers please post in the comments

I have set up the comments to be approved

this way everyone has to play the game to find the answers

I will publish all your answers after midnight (EST) Monday

The winner will be announced Tuesday

Wishing you all a Happy Easter
hope the Bunny has left you lots of yummy choccy



Amanda said...

1. A bug caused it to short out.
2. A book
3. FABULOUS!!!!!

Thanks for having me play along Lexie ..... what great fun!!

CreativeMe68 said...

Happy Easter to you My Friend, Hope you have a lovely day at the markets and enjoy the day with your family Luv Shaz xoxo

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

whaaah!yummy yummy easter pack dear!i have my 3 answers already,will put it again here

1.the expensive bug visited your washing machine's timer
3.your feeling fabulous at 50!

Fingers crossing here..and also dh is crossing his fingers too for!

Take care dear!Enjoy your lil holiday!

vicmbee said...

Hi Lexie, the Easter carnival pics look great..
My answers for the questions are propably wrong but here goes...
1. the bug (cockroach) fried in your washing machine.

2.wasn't sure about this answer but was it a wii. were feeling fabulous at 50, beautiful LO BTW.

Thanks Lexie.. hope you are having a great easter and made heaps at the market yesterday...

elle said...

okay......some answers for your fab rak pack.

1. a bug crawled into the timer of your washing machine, causing it to short out and flick the safety switch.

2. anna wanted a book as her 7th present

3. you were feeling fabulous at 50 (and so you should!!)

hope you had a lovely easter. sounds like the festival was lots of fun!