Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rain Rain and More Rain!!!!!

That's what it's been like for the last 24 hours

View from our balcony looking down the street

I did have a bright sunny spot in my day when I met the delightful Miss Sky for coffee

Me and Sky

This is the Water Race that runs at the back of our place
I have never seen it this high in all the years we have been living here
Usually it's just a few muddy puddles that the dog likes to play in
She wasn't going anywhere near it today

Miss Bella wearing her Dads Safety Jacket

A Few Shots of The Bendigo Creek

Normally the Bendigo Creek is just a tiddly little trickle

I know lots of you that drop by my blog are on flood watch as creeks and rivers are rising
I pray that you all stay safe and are on high enough ground to escape any flood damage

Take care and stay safe



Anonymous said...

Nice to see green grass!!!
Can you send some rain up to us pretty please the garden needs a drink :)

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW Lots and lots of rain in Bendigo then, looks so beautiful and green!

Ohhh how lucky are you to get to finally meet the beautiful Skye! She is just the most gorgeous girl!!
Bet you girls had fun!!! Would love to meet you one day Lexie!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Kathie said...

wow I really think that if it didn't rain for a few days I'd like that!! Hey Lexie have a fab week hunny!! I'm away visiting with my mum and Chris W in WA for the next week....take care
Love Kathie