Friday, September 3, 2010

The calendar says it's Spring

but it looks more like winter to me

This is what greeted me when I opened the curtains the first day of Spring

Dull overcast and showers
If it wasn't raining it was dripping off the trees

when it had slowed to a light mist I went looking for some signs of Spring
and this is what I found right in my own back yard

Yesterday we had blue Sky's and Sunshine break through the cloud
It was so nice to feel warm Sunshine again
Today is dull and bleak again no rain yet!!!
The weather man says it is coming tonight and will hang around all tomorrow
and may be some flooding
So looking forward to that NOT!!!
So glad Anna's netball final is being played in the stadium

Have started on the Spring cleaning!!
I do these crazy things every once in a while
No1 on my list is to
rearrange and sort my scrappy/crafty stuff
think it's gunna take me till the end of Spring to get it done
I'm not joking I have that much crap!!!
Ooops scrappy/crafty stuff

Will be taking lots of preloved stuff and what the hell did I buy that for to the market
when I finish getting it sorted

Best get back to it cause the sooner I get it done the sooner I can get back to creating

Have a wonderful and productive day



Anthea said...

Happy Spring to you Lexie - just checking out your blog. Love your work - but especially love how you do white space - sensational.

Nice to meet you on the weekend and I hope we meet again soon.


chrisw said...

OH those are beautiful pics Lexie.Just letting you know i'm thinking of you beautiful lady