Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who's Started their Spring Cleaning???

I have
Started with my scrap/crafty stuff
BIG mistake
it is now day 5 of sorting through and rearranging
still no end in sight
I keep telling myself it will be so much better for creativity when it is all done

The consequence of the cleaning is no creating atm
although I did have a bit of a play with Texture Paste last night
If it works out will share
Keep everything crossed that it does

Hope you enjoy looking at these pics
from a quick night time photo shoot I did last week



Heddie said...

Well Lexie
With Kara needing a few jobs sorted in Seymour - sanding windows, painting, new kitchen, carpet etc etc I dont think I will get to the cupboards for quite some time. LOL I see it all there waiting for me every time I hunt another special little bit for my LO.
Many thanks for the lovely little surprise package that you gave me - I have had a ball sifting through all those lovely little goodies.
Can't wait to use some of them...

Heddie said...

Fantastic photos Lexie!! I forgot to add that before. LOL brain drain - nearly Friday.,.