Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this Art?

I love the colours and the boldness
of Graffiti

What do you all think?
Is this art or vandalism?



amanda73 said...

i think there is some brilliant grafitti around, ive seen some gorgeous stuff, i would call it art, but i dont think young people should deface trains, private peoples fences, but i think councils should encourage young kids to do it on council property plain walls, telegraph poles and things like was a great question lex

Tracey said...

In the right place it is most definately art. Some of the graffiti artists are extremely talented. But I hate it when they tag everything in sight. Brilliant pics by the way

Amanda said...

I definately think it is art if it is done in the right place! Stupid little teens that go around tagging on everything - that is not art - in fact just up the road from my place some stupid kids have tagged the side of a brand new house that's not even finished and than a couple of doors up on someones driveway - this is vandalism!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Nat said...

yep most definatly art, done my some very tallented youngsters, that should be doing better with their time! LOL
alot of businesses over here will pay them to do the sides of thier buildings and it looks unreal. and many years ago the 'taggers' wouldnt touch true graffiti out of respect but now, they just dont care!
I have told my kids that if I EVER catch them tagging ANYTHING I will make them cover their eyes while I paint them from head to toe!
great pics BTW
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

Mandy said...

i don't call anything that is done illegally art...if it were on canvases or a "legal" wall, it would be art.... and tagging just is dead

G3 said...

If it is on trains, buses and on places it should not be then I think it is vandalism. But, in Melbourne there are places alloted specially for these arts to be displayed. If they are in the those places then I consider it art.

chrisw said...

well in a skate rink it's art in a station it's graffiti..It's all about placement I think!

Julie said...

yep, agrees with everyone, its both art and vandalism. They are very talented youngsters, but should be doing it on the side of their parents shed if they cant find someone who wants them to do it for them. I love some of the work they do, actually I think if I owned a big shed I would probably pay some to colour it all in for me. But when it is uncalled for, it is vandalism. My son had one of his cars tagged. Couldnt prove it was the little $### down the roads tag cos he was under 16 and unchargeable. so we scrubbed it off and wrecked the paint. yeah.