Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is where I should have been yesterday

I wish

It was bloody hot here yesterday 40+ degrees

Anna was off to a birthday party
I thought it was on Tuesday until we checked the invitation for times
Bella had organised to go to the pool with friends
came home with a sun burnt face the rest of her is OK
and Chris was doing his thing
thought I might get a bit of scrapping done
bad idea
sweat dripping all over your work is not a good look
got a phone call from Lisa she needed help with the cover of an Album she is scrapping
in the car and off to Lisa's I go
got that sorted had a chat and a drink (coke) too early for wine
home again
still melting so I did a bit of blog hopping
not a lot of energy is required
came across a brilliant idea
choose a date and record that day each month
the date they have chosen is the 25th
that way you get Christmas in
I am going to do one and the 25th is the day I am going to record
it's real easy to do
take photos to record that day and notes for journaling
an 8x8 Album is a perfect size
you can fit a 6x4 or a couple of smaller photos on a page
and still have room for journaling and a couple of embellies
I'm making up my album out of scraps
is anyone going to take up this challenge?
if you are this is how it works
take photos on the 25th
scrap your day
and post pics of it on your blog on the 20th of the next month
too easy
If you would like to participate in this challenge please let me know by leaving a comment
that you will be taking up this challenge

its a lot cooler here today only going to be 28
so I should get a bit of scrapping done after I do the house work

I love this photo so I had to share

Isaac and Christopa
I took this when we went to Frankston on our Chrissy break

thats all for today




amanda73 said...

thats a brilliant idea, the 25th would be a perfect date for me to record, on top of xmas its also my birthday (april) and my sons (march) so might do it, but i dont have a blog, does that matter lex, apart from not having a blog, i will take up this challenge

Tracey said...

I love the idea of this Lexie. This is brilliant. But I don't wanna promise anything ok. See how I

Julie said...

brilliant idea! I will see how I go his month, but wont promise to keep it going, will see how I go though this one as it is on the weekend.
and I love those beach photos you put up too! I love the

Mandy said...

can't commit, but sounds those photos lexie...glad its cooler