Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got a bit excited

this basket is usually full to over flowing
I got all excited yesterday when I got to the bottom of the basket
it was a real good feeling sadly it only lasted a couple of hours
the washing basket was over flowing again
so after the washing was done and all dry
you guessed it
I've got a full basket again
oh well it was nice to see an empty basket for a little while

I was working on a LO yesterday
it just didn't look finished
had an idea a few buttons might do it
they looked OK but not quite right
brain wave put them on little squares
I had created 3 little inchie's
they finished the LO off perfectly

I had so much fun creating these I did a few more
it's loads of fun
and a great way to use up all those tiny bits of patterned paper and card stock
that you just couldn't put in the bin
you never know
you might need just a little bit of that one day

Will share them and the LO's that I did yesterday later
that's it for me this morning got to go
it's going to be 40 here today
so need to get the house work done before it gets too hot



CreativeMe68 said...

YAY for you Lexie...Wish my basket looked that empty! Hope it is not to hot for you there today!!! Might have to crank up the AC today.
We are having some lovely rain here due to the ex tropical cyclone Charlotte.
Those LO's look so devine...but are a nice accent. Can't wait to see the completed LO. Have a great day Luv Shaz xoxo

Kathie said...

okay Lexie, my ironing basket is on the way to you!!!!! I love the button idea, is really cute! Will see you in 3 weeks. Will be posting on blog but unable to keep up with you all while I am away!!
:( See you soon

Nat said...

OMG Lexie, I want one of them too! Would you like to come over???? come visit me for a cuppa????
I will leave the door open and ironing all set up ready for you when you arrive yeah????
an empty ironing basket is most definately worth celebrating.
Luv the cute button squares too
chat soon
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

amanda73 said...

i dont do ironing, i buy clothes that sont need it, or if im going out i will iron what i need lol, love those button squares, might need to steal that idea from you

Mandy said...

big congrats to you for getting your ironing down...what an achievement..i have a squillion clothes to fold..let alone iron at the moment....i need help!!!!love the buttons...too cute...chat soon

Treesa Young said...

yey that what I did today...ironing still no end cause I did another 3 loads of washing and then my ds wet the bed!!
mwah Treesa x

Julie said...

All this swearing Im shocked! hehehe
Iron is a filthy 4 letter word in my house, and I still havent worked out why that surboard looking thing in my laundry has a metal stand attached to it. Nahhh, I do iron if I have to, but I hate it with a passion, so yes celebrate darlin, its empty! *L* I love the button idea too. Ive got a container with those "cant throw out" little bits too LOL xxxxx