Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Pinch and a Punch

for the 1st of the month!!!
February already???
I have planned to get so much done Jan/Feb, the biggest job being the eating of the Elephant (declutterig and reorganising the craft space)
January's now a distant memory and I'm probably a quarter through
 I have a big day planned for work so it is very likely that I may not even take a look at the Elephant today, depends on how I feel when I get home

I am going to be as busy as this bee

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive day
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Anonymous said...

pretty wattle and Bee!

Mandy said...

yeah,,,busy day back to homeschooling...but i did manage To do a quick inspirational journal have a good

Shelley said...

Love the wattle I was just taking a photo of some of my flowers outside to.

Marcia said...

Gorgeous photo Lexie!

Gail said...

The problem with elephants is that they keep coming back.I'm trying to tidy my stash at the moment as we moved house in November and I just have too much stuff.It's a long job as I like to keep crafting as I sort.
Enjoy your weekend


Ultimate Whirligig said...

Time flies when you are having fun.