Friday, February 3, 2012


Emergency here
Things are worse than I thought
My life is a huge MESS!!!
according to my handbag

Let me explain
The eating of the Elephant has come to a stand still
I'm at that stage where you just want to shut the door and forget about it
So I went looking for tips and inspiration to get back on task
On one of the sites I visited it was suggested that your handbag is a reflection of your life???
Oh boy my handbag is so messy!!!
So according to that theory my life is in a bigger mess than I thought
First task for the day
Clean out and organise the handbag
after coffee
(nothing happens here until I have my coffee) 
Now according to this theory once I get the handbag sorted my life should be sorted
Neat, tidy and organised just like I wish it was

If I had a handbag like this
my  life would be perfect


Gail said...

I don't think a cup of coffee will be enough to get you started on the handbag you need a muffin as well.Jusy checked the contents of my bag ,maybe it will help ;;

small holder for credit card/drivers licence
tape measure
pack of tissues
mobile phone
migraine tablets

I'm think I may be a bit odd - no comb -no lipstick -no perfume .I guess once I'm ready to go out that's it ,no touch up required.

happy sorting

Kathie said...

Bahahahahaa Lexie my darling....PLEASE explain:
I don't have a handbag.... :O my life is messy...well I have a huge elephant only I'm calling mine a giraffe!!!

Ultimate Whirligig said...

Lexie I hope this make you feel better??? I went for a bike ride one day with the kids and came across another family with a bike broken down. Out of my bag I whipped out a Shifter (one of my emergency tools I carry along with tissues and purse). The guy stood there boggle eyed, he couldn't believe that a woman would carry tools everywhere. That's me! LOL He actually asked if I would marry him...uh no! Already have a ring.
Have a great day :)