Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's been a busy week

so far and it's getting busier!!!
so much to do and so little time!!!
I have a scrap retreat this week end and a wedding to attend
The retreat is in Seymour and the wedding is in Bendigo
so I am going to be spending a far bit of the weekend on the road driving
( where's Scotty when you need him to beam you up??)

I have been helping Kylie to do some of the wedding stuff 
These are the name place cards that we have spent the last couple of night doing

we had a production line going as there were 70 something that had to be done
We have to put the names on them yet
waiting for Matt to print off all the names as soon as he gets a spare minute or 2

We have started to do the treasure box 
It's going to be so pretty 
 Will take pics and post when it's finished

It's been a busy week at work have had a bit of extra to do and some extra on top of that thanks to some idiot that walked through the place with mud all over their shoes

Praying today and tomorrow are regular run of the mill as I know I haven't got time for any extras

Need to get some DT stuff done before tomorrow, clean the car, pack up everything I need to take to the retreat and do the stuff that you always have to do like housework washing etc!!!

Best get things under way as telling you all about what I have to do is not getting it done

Have a good one and if it's not so good may it at least be productive!!!

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