Friday, January 27, 2012

Had a Nigella Moment

Cooked Roast Lamb and Pav for Dinner last night
can't get more Aussie than that...well may be a burnt Barbecue Snag in bread with lots of dead horse (Tomato Sauce)
and I cooked it all from scratch, no cheats yesterday

Roast Lamb,Potato's and Carrot's

 Pav filled with whipped Cream and topped with Violet Crumble and Twirl
(definitely a no go if you are dieting)  

I even put a good white table cloth on the table, got out the good dinner set and put the silver candle stick (with candle) in the centre of the table.
The look I got from the girls when they came to the table was you've really flipped your lid this time!!!
I don't care what they thought
The table looked very nice and the food was yummy
Just had a thought I hope Chris (that's my other half) doesn't expect me to go into Nigella mode to often

Lemon Curd that I made from the egg yokes left over from making the pav
4 egg whites for the Pav 4 egg yokes for the Lemon Curd a match made in heaven
No waste gotta love that

Got totally side tracked from dealing with the Elephant yesterday
Did a bit of house work you know the stuff that greets you everyday
Dyed Anna's and my hair, Anna is now a very dark brown almost black and mine is Passion Red!!???
well that's what it said on the packet

Had a wee bit of drama over at the neighbours last night one of their cats was playing with a Brown Snake
it was only a little one15+ inches long
I heard Trav yell out, he need someone to watch that the cats didn't try and get it again while he ran to get a shovel.
Matt and Kylie where at a friends celebrating Australia Day and little brother who is 17 and not so little was in bed sleeping the sleep of the dead
So me being the good neighbour that I am watch (from our Balcony) while he ran an got the shovel
I a matter of seconds the head and body of the snake parted ways, ( that's when I ventured over the road) the detached head bit and body were still wiggling like they wanted to find each other for quite some time
Yuck not a fan of snakes at all
Puss is fine he was running around our back yard stalking Maggie's this morning
After all that excitement last night it was time to watch Storm Chasers then Capitan Jack (Torchwood)
and that was my day

Today went in to Domestic Goddess mode
Washing up to date, Ironing up to date until the washing came in off the line, Laundry cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and a a brief Nigella moment, made Lemon Cup Cakes
I did get a bite of the Elephant only because I needed some space to do the example of the Friday Night Challenge I set for Scraphappy Kat's Blog and I have a canvas that is a custom order to get done for Sunday and 2 others to finish so that they can be delivered next week
I was very good instead of just dumping the stuff where ever I could find a space I sorted and threw out now I have both the rubbish bins I have in there full to over flowing
The recycle and garbage bins only have enough room in them for the house rubbish and recycles 
They go out on Monday morning so eating the Elephant has been stopped by lack of space in the bins
I could put all the rubbish/recycles into garbage bags, I sure I would get the ute filled up enough that it would be worth going to the tip
Think I will sleep on that one??!!!

This is the example of the FNC

 I almost forgot to set one, with yesterday being a public holiday I got my days confused
which is not hard for me, I seem to be confused most of the time
I remembered this morning but all thoughts of it exited stage left until just after 3pm
I had no idea of what I was going to do so I went down to my still very messy craft space and grabbed a few products and Shabby Chic came to mind
2 hours later I had completed this page
OK get it photographed 

  I was snapping away when I realised I hadn't put the butterflies on 
so I race down stairs cut out the Butterflies and stuck them on
It's just after 6pm now
So I quickly take a few snaps, down load them, edit them
and do a blog post I was very grateful that I had no issues with blogger or attaching the Mr Linky
All done before 7pm
Phew minor miracle 

You can enter the challenge 

Happy Scrappin'
and have a wonderful weekend what ever you are doing



Kathie said...

Hey gorgeous....sounds like your week is like mine....soooooooo busy!! Well off to work again tomorrow......not to sure how we will manage when Pete and Dan go back to work....but I'm sure we will somehow!!

Anonymous said...

awesome food, looks beaut and the scrappage is just gorgeous!!! way to go hun!

Mandy said...

Www...jealous of all your washing done..we have had rain non stop..doing my head in...anyhow...your meal looked wonderful and i am loving that beautiful page of yours...have a good one

aussiebrat69 said...

Your Layout and embellishments on this are so dainty and beautiful! wishing l had girls to scrap but l have 5 boys so very rarely do pink! Love this l really do!

Helen Williams