Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Weekend

I make decorated canvases  to sell at 2 local markets
The Bendigo Show grounds Market every Sunday 
The Bendigo Children's Market which is on every second month

They were both on last weekend and that makes for a very busy weekend
particularly for my husband as he gets to do all the running around

A few examples of the 6 x 12 inch canvases
(15 x 30cm) for those of you that don't do inches


Sets of 4
5 x 7 inch(13 x 18cm)

 I also do Custom Orders
8 x 24 inches (20 x 60cm)

I can be contacted through my Local Business Face Book page
(click on the link in the side bar)


Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE Lexie :) glad to hear you have hubby running around.... DD is stocktaking at the moment she is NOT impressed ... see you at the Retreat?

Kathie said...

Amazing work...I love them and I know that others do as well... :)