Saturday, April 2, 2011

How was your week???

Did you achieve everything you wanted to??

Mine was all over the place!!

Nothing unusual about that except I had a plan and I was going to stick to it
Nothing was going to make me stray away from my plan
so I thought!!!

I wish things at home would go as smoothly as they do at work.
I have a plan of attack and when I walk in the door on a Monday I put it in to action
Sometimes things don't always go the way I plan but some how by Thursday I have achieved everything I set out to do

Why doesn't it work like that at home??

This week I made a list of everything I needed to achieve at home
then broke it down into days (one job at a time) not so over whelming doing it that way
If I didn't achieve every job on my list it went to the top of the next day to be done first
I also only had one big job listed for each day like ironing cleaning the fridge bathroom etc
Thought that was really a smart thing to do

OK so the theories good

Think it all went out the window 10 past getting up on Monday
cos I'm still working on that list
it seems to have gotten longer not shorter???
Oh well will have to make like a mad woman possessed in the morning and make things look half way decent

Have visitors coming for the weekend
Thank God it's family
Jesse Inni and Isaac
They have seen the house looking a lot worse than it does at the moment

Didn't even get all the scrappy stuff done that I wanted to

Got the Lollipop Ladies challenge done with hours to spare
started another LO Thursday just cos I wanted to scrap
Finished that off Friday

and here it is

and a couple of close ups of the flowers

Have started the Friday sketch @ Scraphappy Kat's
but a missing cotton box has stopped play
if I can't find it I will have to go buy more cotton in the morning so that I can finish the LO
No!! I can't leave the stitching off cos it makes such a difference to the way the LO looks
Will share tomorrow if I finish and get a photo before the sun goes down

Should have been working on the Step by Step LO that is to go up on Scraphappy Kats blog tomorrow

Oh well things just don't go to plan in my world!!

I'm off to bed now to plan the step by step LO in my head
hope it comes together ok have a fair idea as to how it will go
other wise I will be in a bit of panicked bother in the morning

That all from me for now

Hope your Mojo is kind to you this weekend

Happy Scrapping


Kylie's Creative Place said...

Your layout is adorable Lexie. Love the flowers and the papers you used:)

Mandy said...

hi Lexie...hope this works...I have tried several times to leave comments since your lovely words for me abut Jacob...they didn't work..I'll cross my your