Monday, July 12, 2010

Yesterday was

pack up day at the market

We had to have all our stuff out of the shed
so that the National Sheep and Wool show can move in
They take over the Show grounds for the next couple of weeks
so that means we have a weekend off

When we set up again we will be in a new spot still in the Nolan Pavilion and down the same end but we will have a wall site which will be lots better for displaying things

It was a dull cold day yesterday and when it's like that the market is slow
we made rent YAY!!!!!
at one stage I didn't think we were going to do that
I took a couple of orders for canvases
and sold a few bits and pieces of scrappy stuff
Had a one day special on paper and card stock
50 cents a sheet
even that was too expensive for some people!!!!!
Because you are selling at a market some people seem to think that you should be almost giving it away and at that price I am
Yes we can sell a bit cheaper than the shops because of low over heads but we still pay the same cost price as everyone else

Enough of the venting

School starts back today so it's back to some sort of routine
It's been a bit hectic the last couple of weeks with Birthdays sleepovers here and at friends
going to the Movies and shopping with friends etc

I had better get out of here as time is ticking away
and I need to do a few things before I head out the door to work
Chris will do the school run this morning
I just got to remember to pick them up this afternoon

Here is a few examples of the
6"x12"Name canvases I do

These ones start at $10.00

and these ones were a love job for
a very special little boy
Isaac my grandson

Have a fab day

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amanda73 said...

love those canvases lex...i should buy one of the pirate ones for connor, hes into everything pirate atm