Monday, July 12, 2010

What or Who "INSPIRERS" you????

This thought has crossed my mind a lot lately
I get lots of inspiration from lots of places
Nature Magazines Newspapers Blogs Architecture
Crafty people I know even the Idiot Box
You could say I draw inspiration from all that I see in everyday life

One very talented crafty person I find awe inspiring is
Ngaire Bartlem
I first saw some of her work in a Scrap Mag and was blown away
Not like any other stuff I had seen she had pushed way past the boundary's
Ngaire was not only creating memories she was creating beautiful pieces of art

Lot's of you will know Ngaire's work if you don't you can find her
I suggest that you get yourself a cuppa sit back relax and enjoy all the pretties she has on her blog and you will find lots of links to lots more yummy stuff

Hope you enjoy my share of the day


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