Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's me again!!!!!!!

What have I been up too????
Not much at all
Usual stuff....... washing work a bit of house work
doing the school run
being a slave to the kids....not really but it feels like it some times
Did you Notice I didn't mention the ironing
that's cause I haven't been doing it
now I have 2 overflowing baskets that need to be done
Wonder if the ironing fairies will visit?!?!?!?
and I have been to Kathie's a couple of times
We have had the local show last weekend
Jesse Inni and Isaac stayed
Isaac wasn't all that well but he was a little trooper and went to little athletics
Saturday morning and the show in the afternoon he didn't get to see the fire works
he was just too tired so Jesse and Inni took him home about tea time
Chris me and the girls stayed for the fireworks
It was a great display
I took lots of photos of the fireworks and through out the day
will share a few of my favs one day soon
Chris had a birthday last week
So that's October done and dusted for another year

Did Trudie's class Friday night
finally got it finished today
I so love it
It is a pressy for a special friend I hope she loves it as much as I do

a close up

and another close up
you can see Trudie's example on Kathie's Blog
click on Kathie on the side bar that will take you to Kathie's blog

I used artistic license
and added more bits and pieces out of the pack
hope you don't mind Trudie

as I was doing the LO I could see it hanging on a wall
so I spray painted a canvas black and stuck the LO to the canvas

I am sooooo happy with how it turned out

a couple more LO that I have got finished

this one is of Kathie and me

and this is one of Isaac my grandson

Do you remember the title of my last post????
Don't send Flowers
well one naughty but lovely caring friend did
It was a beautiful surprise
I soooo loved them
the only flowers I usually get are the ones I buy myself
so you can imagine how surprised and excited I was

you must be sick of reading all this dribble by now

so here is a pic of the flowers

thank you for stopping by
until next time
take care



Kathie said...

YAY a new post!!! Hey Lexie, I love your LO from Friday night... isn't it amazing that we all start with the same, and end up with different??? Always amazes me looking forward to spending more time with you!! Thanks for dropping by the blog!
Love you gal!!

lkamphuis said...

I can guess who that layout is for!! She will love it - it has two things she loves!!!

Trudi said...

Lexie this is stunning - I absolutely LOVE it.

chrisw said...

Oh those layouts are devine..Love the ya heaps honey!!

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Lexie I could never tire of your dribble...such a perfect end to my horrible afternoon!!! So glad to see you back scrapping, missed your beautiful work!

Thank you Thanks you, OMG This is just absolutely precious!!! You really shouldn't have, but I am so glad that you did!!!
Flowers what flowers???

Love the LO of you and Kathie!!! Did you make those flowers on that LO??? And the one of Isaac is very cute!!! Talk to you tomorrow Beautiful Luv Shaz xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dribble away my dear, you put a smile on my face
Gorgeous layouts and nice to hear from you again
There is an ironing fairy called MY MUM lol she comes over has too many wines so sleeps over gets up stupidly early and does my ironing and washing (not showing off SHE does owe me remember she is the one who deprieved me of BARBIE)
Tracy :)

Tracey said...

Oooh! Lexie these are beautiful and whoever is getting that creation is one very lucky lady. Love it all :)

Ann-Marie said...

Wow those LO's are gorgeous and the first one .. WOW Lexie that is super special!!!

Marisa said...

Oh Lexie I just love your dribble, so keep it coming! OMG these layouts are stunning, I have sat here for ages looking at them and all the detail...awesome!

CreativeMe68 said...

Hey Beautiful...Something for you over on my blog Luv ya lots Love Shaz xoxo Mwah

Tanyah Payne said...

lovely work lexie

I have something for you on my blog after 7.30 tonight enjoy
Luv tanxoxo