Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cocktail Party at Ready Set Scrap

looking for a good time this weekend
look no further
grab a cocktail or two and head on over to
for a weekend filled with fun and games
and cocktails!!!!!!!!!

Have a sneak peek for you of the challenge I set

A cocktail was my inspiration

If you can guess which cocktail inspirered me
I will pop a little something in the post for you
You have untill Friday 5pm AEST to leave your guess
Sorry all you girls on the RSS Design Team
are not eligable for this one

Hope the rest of your week is not too stressful



Tracey said...

Geez and I so know the answer to this one too......LOL. Thanks for the books hun. Got them today and lurrvvve them.....:)

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Sounds fun hun! Love those the colors!

amanda73 said...

just throwing a wild guess here, maybe a mango daquiri...........just thought of that when i looked at the colours you used................and i pm'd you at rss about your sheet music books

lkamphuis said...

A tequila sunrise.........

LG said...

Yummy peaks! cant wait to see more

Alicia said...

Lovely sneak peeks. Lisa K took my original guess, so I'm altering to a vodka sunrise.

lkamphuis said...

Man I thought I had it for sure!!!!

Kathie said...

How about a Tequelia sunrise sugar plum!! or a harvey wall banger!!! No??? Oh well keep guessing girls!!!
Great to have you here with us on Friday night was a blast and a half, hope to see you back soon...