Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been tagged


Ok here it goes
8 things i look forward to...

1.First cup of coffee each day
2.Having Jesse Inni and Isaac for visits
3.Watching the girls blossom into beautiful young women
4.Having a LO published (one day maybe)
5.Warm weather
6.Spending the reat of my days with my DH Chris
7.More grandchildren
8.The rest of my life

8 things I did yesterday...

1.Made the bed
2.Cleaned 6 loo's (I work as a cleaner)
3.Set a Challenge for RSS CC this weekend
4.Did dishes
6.Picked up after kids
7.Picked up girls from school
8.Kissed my girls goodnight

8 things I wish i could do...

1.Turn back time
2.Visit Sharon in QLD
3.Get warm
4.Win Lotto
5.Clean house in less than 2 hours
6.Keep the ironing up to date
7.Travel anywhere I want when I want
8.Get the yard landscaped

8 things or shows I have watched lately...

1.Corination ST
2.East Enders
3.Dr Who
4.Anna playing netball
5.The sun rise
6.Kids playing
7.Lush House
(wanting to learn how to clean quicker and greener)
8.The sun set to pass this on to 8 girls....

I won't be passing this on
as most if not all the blogs I visit have all been tagged
some more than once

thank you to the girls that tagged me


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Mandy said...

No worries lexie...i love some of your answers for can tell you are a beautiful soul!!!take