Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Sad Day

A couple of shots I took this afternoon from our backyard
of the smoke from the fire that is burning on the outskirts of Bendigo
50 houses have been lost so far and the fire is still burning
extra fire crews from other regions are coming to help fight it

I am watching sky news at the moment there are so many fires burning
so many homes lost and 14 tragically have lost their lives
it's so heartbreaking for so many people tonight

The fire fighters and all the emergency service personal
are doing a fantastic job under extremely difficult conditions

My thoughts and prayers
are very much with all those affected by the fires
and all those brave men and women fighting the fires


Kathie said...

Been really bad here to Lexie. Chat soon

CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Lexie, I have been thinking of you honey and wondering if the fires were near you. We are absolutely getting pounded by rain here at the moment wishes I could send some down your way.

I do hope and pray that they can stop the fires before they reach too many more homes and too many more people are lost to this tradegy. Esp when some of the fires were deliberately lit!!!

I am going to ring you today Hun!
Love Shaz xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you through all this Lexie and I have everything crossed that you stay safe and that fire doesn't come any closer.

Sending love, hugs and lots of positive thoughts.
Luv Kirsti xoxox

chrisw said...

Oh Lexie..It is a terrible thing..Love and prayers bouncing off you honey..Please keep safe..Keep strong,thankyou for the update