Monday, February 9, 2009

A few Photos

This chair is facing what was someones home

This was someones home

This is the entry to Spotlights car park

across the road at the back of spotlight

this is how close the fire came to the Spotlight building

the fire came very close to the CBD about 1.5 km's away
the men and women of the CFA
cannot be praised enough

for the heroic effort that they put in
under extremely difficult
conditions on saturday here in Bendigo
the Bendigo fire is now officially contained
and is not threatening property

the hero's of the CFA
are still fighting fires that are raging
across the state of Victoria

many of them have lost their own homes
while they were saving the homes of others

Many have lost their lives and I fear the toll will rise

please keep all those that have been effected by this disaster
in your prayers

stay safe were ever you are



Mandy said...

I agree lexie..those people do amazing work and risk their own lives to save others....too scary to think about....

Treesa Y said...

I'm glad your ok Lexie, I friends in Bendigo, their house is ok it was about 3 min away, from the fire....too heart goes out to all those affected and those wonderful volenteers xx

Kathie said...

thanks for the photos Lexie. It is a scary thing fire. Glad that you were away from it.

Kath Parker said...

Glad you are ok Lexie