Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow 2 more

My blog has been awarded this award again by two fabulous ladies
Kath Parker and Gayatri they are extremely talented scrappers
Thank you for the award
now I have to pass it on to 5 more wonderful blogs and list 5 of my addictions
Here goes
1 Kathie
2 Nat
3 Shell
4 Skye
5 Sherryl
It is very likely that you ladies have already received this award but I think your blogs are fab
All the blogs I visit are fabulous and I am discovering more and more wonderful blogs out there
I will be adding more blog links under my favorite blogs very soon
My addictions I have already listed you will find them further down my blog

That's all for now



Mandy said...

Looks as though you had an amazing kids got a wii and it was a huge surprise to them.....gotta admit it is pretty fun....thanks for sharing your chrissie with us....
lots of it

Kathie said...

wow thanks Lexie!! I love visiting blogs and usually get round the ones that follow me once a day!! I love seeing what everyone is up to and its a great way to get inspiration!! Thanks for the award!!