Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today I took bits and pieces that we no longer use or want and some scrapbooking stuff up to the Sunday market, there wasn't a lot of people about today.

The trash sold better than the scrapbooking stuff.

I still have a lot of cleaning out to do so there will be lots more unwanted things to sell.
How I decide if it has to go is

If it's useful it stays

If it's extremely beautiful it stays

If it's seriously sentimental it stays

If it doesn't fit into one of these categories it goes
Using this method really makes you think about what you keep.

I really need to get of of this computer as I have tea dishes to do and iron school cloths ect for next week (ironing is not my favorite thing to do) I really should teach the girls to do it.

Catch you all soon.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Lexie I think I might use these 3 categories when I am ready to move from Collinsville. As I have been here 6 yrs, there is still stuff in boxes that I either haven't unpacked or have only partially unpacked them.
I have so much stuff!!! I don't like chucking things out! I am a hoarder of all things! So if it is usable, beautiful or sentimental it will stay but I think most of my stuff with not be in these categories. Thanks for the tip. Luv Shaz
PS Thanks for the comments about the LO!