Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Paper pieced Bird

As promised an easy paper piecing project

you will need

2 pieces of patterned paper
1 5cm flower
1 rhinestone
glue or tape
ink (optional)

cut 1 circle 6cm in width this is the body
2 3.5 cm in width one is the head
cut one of the 3.5 cm in half this is part of the wing
cut the flower in half this is the other part of the wing
cut a triangle measuring
side one 5cm
side two 3cm
side 3 5.5cm
this is the tail
cut a triangle measuring 1.5cm on all three sides
ink around all the edges of the shapes you have cut out
(this is optional)

you now have all the pieces to put your bird together

stick the small circle (birds head) to the large circle(birds body)
stick the half a flower in the wing position on the body
stick the half circle in the center of the half a flower this creates the wing
stick the large triangle on to the body were you would like his tail to be
stick the small triangle to the head in the beak positions
stick a rhinestone on for an eye

you have created a cute little bird

3 more I have created

Let the imagination go and try different things
Have fun
luv Lexie


SkyeMJ said...

I love that birld with the flourish tail Lex! Stunning!

You are such a talented lil lady!

PS - LOVE your hallenge at Debs this month! Will def be giving it a go! :D

vicmbee said...

Love your birds, Lexie might use one on a challenge I don't know who's yet though...

Vicki xx

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

WOW! Love these Lexie esp the one witht the fan tail, gorgeous:):)

G3 said...

Love your birdies Lexie. Will try and use your birdies on the layouts. TFS


Tanyah Payne said...

These birds are adorable! love them....can't wait to try these on my next layout!
luv tanXx