Monday, January 30, 2012

My Baby

turned 14 yesterday
A sleep over on Saturday night with a few friends is how Miss Anna celebrated her Birthday
Don't know why it's called a sleep over as very little sleeping is done

Saturday night we took the girls down to the Chinese Museum as 2 of the old Dragons were coming out as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations here
It was something very special to see
Lots of pictures were taken (silly me forgot to take the telephoto lens) so they are not as good as I would have liked but on the positive side I did remember to take the camera

 Yar Loong
(Night Dragon)
(known as Old Loong) 
He is Heritage Listed  a  Special Dragon with a very interesting history
Loong is the oldest Imperial Dragon in the world
Bendigo is known as the home of the Dragons, at Easter time they come out to play
That is when Sun Loong the Longest Imperial Dragon in the World comes out to parade around the streets  It is a magnificent sight to behold
If you are a lover of Chinese Dragons this is the place to be at Easter time I guarantee you will not be disappointed 
Happy Chinese New Year and may the Year of the Dragon be a very special year for you

Got a little side tracked with the Dragons back to posting about the birthday girl

 Miss Anna and her friends that helped celebrate her Birthday

  The Birthday cake that Miss Sierra (Anna's friend) made
It was delicious

For those of you that are following the process of the eating of the Elephant (decluttering and reorganising the craft space)
I will give you an update later this evening

Have a fab day


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