Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Nights Update this morning

I can multi task but not while I'm watching TV through closed eye lids!!!
So that is why I'm doing yesterdays update on the eating of the Elephant today

Progress is slow but it is getting there 
After spending an hour or so sorting and chucking out this morning 
(I was up way before the birds so I put the time to good use)
I estimate I have eaten half way up one of the Elephants back legs
Have found lots of stuff that makes me wonder 
What frame of mind were you in when you purchased that??!!!
I think a Kinda will be getting a box of craft goodies
I have also found lots of good stuff that I know I will never use, so that's going up to the market to be sold real cheap
If you live in the Bendigo area and are interested in real cheap Scrapping/Cardmaking stuff I will have some for sale at the 
SundayBendigo Show Grounds Market  
I have Patterned Papers, Cardstock, Embellishments and Off the Page stuff
While I was tidying up this morning I found my January list of jobs I wanted to get done
It was a long list and to my surprise when I crossed off the jobs I had completed,
I was surprised and amazed that there were only 2 jobs that were left on the list
Feeling a bit pleased with myself for being so productive
One I haven't started and the other is in the progress of being done
It's the eating of the Elephant!!!

Thanks to those that have left me comments I really appreciate them
They are helping me keep on the job and as a thank you to you, when I have finished decluttering and reorganising the first thing I will be creating will be a gift for a lucky someone
It might be something like these

or these

or something completely different

It will be a random draw and the way it will work is every time you leave a comment your name will go in a jar (a few of you already have your names in the jar) and when the job is completed and item has been made I will draw one name out of the jar who will receive a crafty gift from me



Anonymous said...

Love those owls, very fun!!!

Ultimate Whirligig said...

LOL. Lexie it sounds like you are getting somewhere. I only wish I lived closer to Bendigo...It would be a 4-5 hour drive from here, sorry but its a smidge too far to drive for a bargain (even for me).
Michelle :)

Mandy said...

oh cool...pop me in for the giveaway lexie...if its an owl my jacob would LOVE it...he adores owls...you would think his craft lovin mam would have made him something by now...my bad!!!!lol...xxx

Shelley said...

The owls are gorgeous and good luck with getting your room done.

Lizzyc said...

oh that kind of elephant!!! i guess it takes a long time to eat an elephant and chew it properly!!hehe!!