Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a wee nibble

was had of the Elephant (the cleaning of the craft space) yesterday
I knew it was a big job but it's turning out to be even bigger than I thought
Before I started I research some decluttering and organising tips 
The one on time suggested that you double the time you think it will take
I thought about 3 or 4 days should be enough so I doubled it so now it's about about a week to get this task done 
After spending a few hours yesterday sorting I'm now thinking I need to triple or may be even quadruple the time

I'm going to be brave now and show you a couple of pics (not that brave) only the least embarrassing bits 

 I have 4 tresle tables that I can work on and this is the cleanest bit 
the rest of them are pilled high with stuff

 these shelves could hold lots of stuff if they were organised properly 

 This is my least embarrissing bit, the peg board (it's hard to pile stuff up on a wall)
that is the only reason this has stayed resonably tidy

I filled this a few times yesterday so now our recycle and garbage bin are almost full,
garbage day is not untill Monday so I will have to put all the rubish into bags, then a tip run can be done.
I'm sure if I get into it over the next couple of days I will have enough rubbish that it will be worth paying the tip fee
 One thing I know for sure is I going to have lots of scrap stuff to sell and give away very soon
just have to decide what I will sell and who I will give to
 The only thing I am going to decide right now is 
Time for the coffee pot to go on, have coffee and then get stuck into the day

Have a wonderful day

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Mandy said... stuff is in or garage all over the place..i don't think any of your photos are that should deep