Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Challenge completed

got this one finished and photographed after the market today

 This is for Mad About Scrappin's September Challenge
I just had to do this as the instructions were splash a bit of paint about
and I had the perfect photo of the girls getting messy with paint
(the photo is actually pretty crappy) 
I think crappy photos of special moments deserve to be scrapped just as much as good ones 
 Splashing and getting messy with paint is one of my favourite techniques
 Out with the paint and a creating I go
I wanted to capture the carefree way kids work with paint
 Easy Peasy you would think??
 It was a lot harder to reproduce the way kids paint than I thought it would be
This page was started last Monday
It took me all week putting bits on taking bits off
in the end I just went with it

I'm quite happy with how it eventually turned out
Happy Scrappin'

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Mandy said...

Yeah..I is hard to paint like a this in all its