Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Opened the curtains this morning to this

 for a horrible moment thought I had really over slept!!!!

The sky this morning was more like a sunset than sunrise

Hump day is nearly over 
All most on the down hill side of the week
I'm travelling fairly well with my to do list this week for a change 
washing up to date
what has been put out in the laundry 
(not looking in the kids rooms)
ironing at an almost manageable level
house looking reasonably clean and tidy
Craft space it's usual chaotic mess 
(need to do a little bit of tidying having trouble finding things again)
don't think it will ever be a neat tidy place
Creative people are messy people

Last day of the working week for me tomorrow 
will finish about lunch time so my weekend starts then 
Friday so looking forward to Friday!!!!
Friday is my day to do what ever I want 
Saturday is taken up with Netball washing uniforms etc
Then Sunday is the start of a new week for me have the market to do
Need to be up with the birds!!!!
Then it's back into Monday and all the chaos that goes with it

Just found last weeks to do list next to the computer
mmmmm best put that in the bin and forget about it!!!!

Moving on

On the crafting front have a few projects on the go 
and a couple more brewing in the back ground
Hope to have a enough finished by the weekend so I can share

Did this Vintage/Grunge one ages ago
Don't think I shared if I did you get to see it again

 it was from a Friday Night Sketch Challenge at  

lots of 
Tim Holtz distressing embossing powder 
and glimmer mist on this one


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