Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Holiday's

it's head banging against a brick wall time

I really do love having my girls at home
(particularly because there is no school run)
but holidays always seem to up set my routine

You clean up the kitchen and 10 minutes later there is a sink full of dishes again
you never get to the bottom of the washing basket
ironing!!! well we won't even go there
and they seem to leave a trail of bits and pieces through the house
that you are for ever asking to be put away
and guess who ends up picking up all the stuff??!!!

Only another week and a bit to go

Today I'm just going to do the basics before I go to work
and when I get home I'm going to disappear into my creative space
and play with a few bits and pieces

Hope you all have a fabulous day

don't forget to leave a little love
cos if you do
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Happy mail from little ol' me



Lisa K said...

Yes I know the feeling and today I have 2 extras as well...and its raining!!
Thank goodness for the sanctity of my scrap space!!!

Maree said...

I was productive today i did your LO.. I used your paper pack that you sent me. you can check it out here http://mareegordon.blogspot.com/
thanks again for a great pack.

Kathie said...

Ummmm yep I'm a hearing ya Lexie!!! Hope that your getting some peace!!!