Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday Night!!!!

My Favourite night of the week cos it's scrappin' night with Kylie

This is last night effort

Not much I know but I like it and it's another page done
so all's good

The inspiration for this one came from the step by step LO I did for Scraphappy Kat's Blog over the weekend I used the basic design of the LO and tweaked it a bit
You can see it

Would have liked some red stitching on it particularly around the border
but my cotton box is still missing in action
don't ask how one looses a large and I do mean large box of cottons
then again if you saw my messy creative space
it may come a little clearer why the cotton box is missing

Mmmmmm really should do something about sorting the mess out
but not today or even this week

Got a really busy week
Have a market Saturday which I need to do some more canvases for particularly the 6x12 inch ones (have been an excellent seller in the past)
as well as the one I do every Sunday
going to Melbourne Wednesday night for a show
Lunch in Heathcote with friends on Friday
Have a feeling there was something else on this week but can't think what it was at the moment???
Oh well

Back to what this blog post is about our little Monday night scrap session
if you would like to see the Gorgeous page my scrap buddy Kylie did you can see it

that's all I got to say for now
Hope your day is a productive what ever you are doing



Kylie's Creative Place said...

I had a great night and Monday night is now my favourite night of the week. Im so happy with my layout and l think yours is beautiful. Our night did consist of alot of laughs last night @ Matt with those shoes he had on and all his stories he was talking to Chris about lol. Coffee and that yummy berry muffin were perfect until l knocked my cuppa over OOPS. Luckily it didnt get our work. I came home exhausted from a fun night had. Thanks Lexie xox

Kathie said...

lovin' it Lexie!! Yummy...