Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've been a "Slacko" Scrapper and Blogger

It's almost a month since I last did a blog post very slack of me

Lots of the usual day to day crazy stuff has been happening
Won't bore you with too much just a brief outline of the last week

Monday was the usual crazy beginning to the week

Tuesday was Melbourne cup we don't get the holiday we have Bendigo cup which was the Wednesday before
Anna's school has a dress up day and shared lunch so costume was sorted and 40+ cup cakes were made

The Cup Cakes were White Chocolate Mud cake with Mock Cream
all made by Anna and me
They were delicious!!!!!!

Wednesday Anna was part of the school team that went to Melbourne for the taping of
for those of you that don't know it is a kids game show
So that was an early start
The kids had a fab day I think they enjoyed exploring Melbourne more than the taping of the TV show

Wednesday was also the day that I found myself sprawled out on the driveway
Yep I tripped over and came crashing down like a ton of bricks
The result of that is one swollen bruised and grazed knee
which is still quite sore

Thursday the last of the working week and pay day for me
was feeling very pleased with myself as I had vacced 2 of the 4 courts that need to be done hoping to get 2 more done next week

This was also the day that it was discovered that a months worth of internet down load had been used in a week????

Chris was not a happy camper !!!!

So a top up was purchased as dial up speed is not an option
The guilty child owned up but has now lost the privilege of the new laptop and internet use (except for school work) for a while

Friday was going to be a day of house work and cleaning up the mess I am sitting in the middle of but it didn't happen

Surprise Surprise!!!!!

So today I need to at least evict a few dust bunnies and start cleaning and sorting my creative mess as it would be good to be able to eat off the table again

Maybe while I am cleaning I might find my mojo as he has been missing for quite some time now
Please let me find him as I miss creating

This is all I have to show you they are LO's that Pauly shared with us at Kathie's
mine are a little different to Pauly's

Miss Anna when she was still sweet and not the moody almost teen that she is now

and this one is Granny King and Miss Bella

Thanks for the share Pauly

Hope I haven't bored you too much???

Look out dust bunnies here I come after another coffee!!!!!!!

Until next time
When ever that is


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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope your knee is okay now and totally agree dial up is not an option!
Hope the mojo was found amongst the dust LOL
PS Very pretty layout