Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excited or what????

It took a while but I finally did it
I tracked down somewhere that had the whole range of
Graphic 45's Halloween in Wonderland
I so loved this range when I first saw it previewed
just had to have it!!!!

The online stores that I like to shop at had some of the range but not all of it
so of I went to track it down
Had almost given up when I came across
Little Scrapbook Shop
Well couldn't click fast enough and get it in my shopping cart

The ideas of how I was going to use it were popping into my head
Oh Mr Mojo and I were going to have a fab time creating up a storm
Graphic 45 papers seem to be doing it for Mr Mojo
seriously looking at a few of there other ranges

Then I had to wait for the postie to deliver it
after what seemed like forever (it really was only a few days)

it arrived!!!!

I was like a kid at Christmas

I love it even more in real life the colours are yum yum yummy

I still have all these wonderful ideas of how to use it
but I now have a problem

I don't want to put the cutter or scissors to it!!!!!

and before any of you clever cog's say you should have bought more than one of each piece

I DID!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I never got it in cause no one asked for it and plus the Graphic 45 papers just don't sell so sorry I couldn't help ... BUT in saying that I have ordered LOTS of their new fairy papers - GOD KNOWS when that will arrive but I can't wait.

amanda73 said...

glad you found it lex.... im more into prima these days, and i always buy at least 2 of each sheet
that way i get a full sheet of both sides