Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning sweet Bloggers

I know it's been awhile since I blogged
Think I have creative burnout
Mojo is has gone on holiday
Don't blame him/her as the weather here has been miserably cold
Just a bit over it really

I have Scraphappy Kats retreat this weekend
hoping that my MOJO turns up
So looking forward to spending the weekend chatting and scrapping
But before that I have a busy week
Got lots to do here so that I can have an early leave pass and leave after I finish work Thursday

Speaking of work got lots to do there as well
Don't have any groups booked in during the day this week
so its a good opportunity to get the these vacced

Yep thats the courts there are four of them and two cricket training lanes that need vacccing every once in a while
Got the training lanes and one court done last week and a court done yesterday
so I have two more to get done hoping to get one done today and the last one done tomorrow

Really need to get out of here as time is ticking away and I have a bit to get done at home before I go and tackle work

Have a wonderful and a productive day


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