Monday, July 26, 2010


No pretty pics to look at in this post
Blogger is being a pain in the you know what....won't load pics

How did everyone's weekend go??

Mine was hectic
Did a class at the Brittannahlee Stamp and Scrap retreat Sat afternoon
was loads of fun
Wanted to share the page that the girls created
GRRRRR blogger

Jesse Inni and Isaac stayed for the weekend
loved having them
wish they could have stayed longer

Had the market Sunday
The new site seems to be working well
Had a good day
Got 3 orders to have ready next Sunday

Got a busy week
Have a list with everything that has to be done at the top
then all those things that I want to get done
will be interesting to see how much I get crossed of by the end of the week

Well my lovelys have to go and get this week under way
Washing to hang on the line bed to make brekky dishes to be done etc
before I go to work

Have a good one
catch you later
hopefully will be able to share pics


1 comment:

Mandy said...

busy times...know them well...thanks for the birthday wishes