Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't you just love technology?????
I do when it's working!!!!
Internet went down earlier in the week

According to our provider it was our modem
as everything their end was OK
( I don't think so it's barely 3 months old)
a couple of hours after that phone conversation
all the little lights appeared on the modem
and we were up and running again

I find that rather strange????

On to more pleasant things now

Last weeks projects

Chris and I made Tomato sauce

Gently bubbling away
and it smelt so good

into the bottles it goes

bottled and ready for eating
I love home made tomato sauce

Class for Scraphappy Kats

a couple of close ups

and a card

That's all from me for now
hope everyone's day is wonderful



CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Lexie!!! This is a pain in the ****, I know my computer is playing up too!

The tomato sauce looks so yummy! I have never made homemade sauce!

And OMG I love that LO of Kirrily and her Grandma.....Would I be able to lift that please??? You are very talented darlin!

Talk soon....still not feeling the of these days I might be back to feeling wonderful Luv Shaz xoxo

Kathie said...

Loved it Lexie and so did everybody else!! I could have sold another 6 packs at least!!! That is huge....congratulations on a fantastic class!!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!!
Love Kathie

Marcia said...

Gorgeous layout Lexie, stunning. And would love a taste of that marty sauce ... my fave condiment in the world!

:) Marcia

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty layout and beautiful card to match.
Yummy looking sauce you domestic goddess you PML
Glad to see you back up and running on the net - doesn't life just stop when it goes down (well mind does anyhow LOL)

Tracey said...

mmmm.....yummy sauce Lexie and the layout for Kathie's class looks delicious too :)

Mandy said...

so so dh makes chilli saucelove homemade sauces to

Marisa said...

oh yum home made tomato sauce :) Love your layout and card, they look awesome!