Saturday, March 6, 2010

Water Water and more Water

looking down our street

the conversation went something like this
when Chris got home from work

Chris....when did you last check the garage???
Lexie....10 maybe 15 minutes ago and it was dry
Chris....Well it's not now!!!!!!

that was the start of a fun evening of the girls and I mopping out the garage twice
and Chris digging drains to direct the water away from the house
at least the girls and I were dry from the ankles up
poor Chris was out in the rain looking very much like a drowned rat
(not that he is a rat)

So that is how we spent our Friday night

the water was flowing past the storm water drain
very little was going down it

This very wet fox
came running across the road up the reserve and into the bush behind our place
I guess I was in the right spot at the right time to get this photo
he/she was going that fast only had time to take one photo

The sun is out at the moment so have got yesterdays washing on the line
hope it gets dry before the rain and storms that are predicted hit us today

On the scrapping front I have been creating canvas's
to sell at the market
they have been selling quite well

Have taken a few pics of some to share with you

Mini canvas and easel
These are great for using up all those bits and pieces
you have left over from other projects

Diva and Cheeky are 8inch x 10inch canvas's

The Monogram canvas's are 12 x 12

I sell these as is or I can put a name or any word they want on them

These canvas's are 8 inch x 24 inch

I'm working on more canvas's today
hopefully I will get them all finished for the market tomorrow
The high humidity is not helping paint glue and kindy glitz
are taking for ever to dry

That's all from me today

Oh before I go will share a little gem I heard
Dr Phil say


I personally have trouble saying NO out loud
I'm thinking NO but the word that comes out my mouth is YES
think I need lots more practice

Have a fab long weekend
and for those of you that are travelling stay safe

luv ya


Tracey said...

WOW! Lexie I love those canvases. Gorgeous work :)

amanda73 said...

love the fox pic, love the canvasses, gorgeous, we got heaps of rain here atm too

Marisa said...

Your canvas are fabulous Lexie! Gosh you have had a lot of rain, like we have but at least we didn't have it coming in like the fox photo, you were very lucky to be at the right spot and time to get it :)