Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful one day Perfect the next

That's what the weather has been like here
A bit different to what it was doing 2 weeks ago
(it will be 2 weeks tomorrow)

I have a busy time this weekend
class Friday night at Scraphappy Kats
Melbourne Saturday
Chris Jesse and Bella are going to the A league Final

GO VICTORY!!!!!!!!!

Family day Sunday at Werribee Mansion
listening to some bands
(we are having a day off from the market)
The kids are not keen on going
but guess what
sometimes you just don't get a choice
It will be a good lesson in compromise for them

I need to finish 2 monogram canvas's by lunch time tomorrow
waiting for Kindy Glitz to dry so that I can finish decorating them

If I get time tomorrow I will up load pics of them

well that's it from me for now

here's a few pics for you to look at

This one is for Tracy

Picked these beauty's up at the market a couple of weeks ago

Anna's school celebrated International Day yesterday

a lantern that the kids made

Anna and her friend
I think they look super cute

and a sneak peek

of the class I am teaching tomorrow night

wishing you all a wonderful weekend
take care


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