Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No scrappy stuff today

but I do have a couple of photos
I'm quite excited about

Our yard backs on to a State Forrest
so we have lots of critters that visit
Kangaroos Blue Tongue and Stumpy Tail Lizards
have even had an Ecidna visit
and all sorts of birds
Over the years we have seen owls in the shadows at night
but never been lucky enough to get a pic

But last night my luck changed
I saw something sitting on a fence post
I thought it may be an owl so grabbed the camera
and got one shot went to take another
battery flat
so inside I go to change the battery
hoping that the owl would stay put
and he or she did
so snap snap snap I went
hoping that one of the shots would turn out OK
he or she let me get quite close
Got about a dozen shots
would have been better if I had the telephoto lens on
but I wasn't going to push my luck fiddling about changing the lens
before he or she silently flew off

thanks to getting these shots
I now know that the owls that visit
are Tawney Frog Mouth Owls

thats all I have to share today
will be back later in the week with some sneak peeks
and a couple of pages if I can find my mojo to get them finished



Shell Barnard said...

wow, he/she is beautiful Lexie...great shoots!!

vicmbee said...

awesome shots.... I have only ever seen 1 real life owl... looks like he is even posing for you in the 2nd photo....

chrisw said...

Oh the tawny forgmouth is just gorgeous!I love owls..i snapped a baby when we stayed at dunsborough early last year,

Mandy said...

wow...these shots are fabulous...how wonderful to get to see so much wildlife...lucky you and kids!!!xxx

Alicia said...

Excellent photos Lexie! They look like you didn't need to worry about the telephoto lens at all.