Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something very Special

As you all know yesterday our dear friend Sharon
celebrated one year of blogging

I'm thinking what do you give a blog for its
1st Birthday
it's not like I could pop over to Sharon's with a cake or bottle champers
that we could share and celebrate together
Sharon is in QLD and I'm in Victoria
anyway I'm mucking about on the laptop
as you do and I end up on Quote site
this quote jumps out at me

"True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but not in the heart."

Light bulb moment
I will do a page of Sharon and I
(it was through our love of scrapping that we met)
with that quote

Problem Sharon and I have never met for real
our friendship has developed through the internet emails and phone calls
so there isn't a photo of the 2 of us together
so to solve that problem I get individual photos of us
I cut them out and put them on the page
so that it sorta looks like we are in a photo together
colour not a problem
it has to be purple and mauve as they are colours Sharon loves
must have a butterfly on it
we all know how much Sharon loves butterflies

Get all my bits and pieces
and start putting the page together

It's one of the quickest pages I have ever done
it just came together beautifully
done in less than an hour

I'm real happy with how it turned out

one day my beautiful friend
we will be standing side by side
getting our photo taken

who would have thought a beautiful friendship

like ours would have grown
out of commenting on each others work
in the SM gallery

purples and mauve's are not colours I use very often

but i must say I love how this page has turned out
so soft and pretty

the butterfly came off one of the girls hair ties
nothing is safe in this house when it comes to scrapping

Well I have most likely bored you all by now
so I will wish you all a fab weekend
and let you get on with what ever you are doing

Until next time



Amanda said...

This is gorgeous Lexie! What a beautiful tribute to your friendship!

Congrats on your win for Shaz's blog hop .... that will be a fun pack to receive!

Rachel said...

oooohhhh man... Lexie..... Sharron is going to LOOOOVVVVVEEE what you have done here. you are such a good friend!!! I love the LO xxx

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG Lexie you did it again...I am crying this time though...Thank you so much...You know me so well! Purple is my colour...I love it so very much!!! I wish you lived closer so that we could meet in real life, you need to come to the retreat in Rocky in Aug Lexie so we can meet!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Lexie this is so stunning darl!LOve your violet touch here!!!And what a sweet page.Love how you put all your embellies.Nice and sleek!

Anonymous said...

Lexie was a beautiful idea and a fabulous layout. It is wonderful to have such a great friendship and when you will one day meet up in person THEN you can share the bubbly :)

Mandy said...

wow lexie...this is are a clever girl aren't almost looks like you are will get your chance to meet one day...until then...yeah to technology!!!take carexxx

Anonymous said...

Lexie this story is just so beautiful, it shows just how kind and and thoughtful you truly are. I so hope you can make it to the retreat, it would be so lovely to meet you in person and I know one other person, no make two, you and Sharon who would love to met. Fantastic layout, so soft and so pretty!


lkamphuis said...

You gorgeous lady Lexie - look at the thought - the colours ,the butterfly - you may not have mey but you KNOW this fabulous lady!!!!

Pauly said...

What a gorgeous gesture Lex, you are two gorgeous ladies!!

lyn said...

wow lexie i saw this layout on sharons blog, just beautiful hun. What a lovely warm friend you are, she lucky to have you in her life. She'll just love it.xo

CreativeMe68 said...

Please check Papercraft Addictions, I have sent the girls over here to tell them about our wonderful friendship and to show them your truly wonderful talents in the negative space LO's!!! And I still get a tear in my eye when I see this LO!!! Mwah Thank you, So happy that we started commenting all those years back!

Happy Birthday Beautiful, Hope your day is truly special Luv Shaz xoxo