Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blue Skyes not a Rain cloud in Sight

Went for a bit of a walk today in the state forest
at the back of our home

It was a beautiful day a warm 20 degrees
had the camera with me
these are just a few of the shots I took

10 0r so years of dought has taken its toll on the bush

The Water Race
at the back of our place
no water in it at all
not even a puddle

The bush is so dry

one spark and it would go up in flames

I love the beautiful warm sunny days we have been having
but we really do desperately need the rain

Had a look at the weather forecast for the next few days
it is going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise

I saw the early news tonight

Parts of QLD NSW and WA are getting so much rain
it is causing so many problems
floods trees down and all sorts of storm damage

I hope that none of my blogger friends
have been effected by the wild weather

Australia is most definitely the land of
Drought and Flooding Plains

Where ever you are in this
of ours stay safe



Amanda said...

Yes Lex ... the weather has been quite wet here is Brissie .... looks like we are in for some more rain today but no where near as bad. Still not good for those that are still flooded though!

SkyeMJ said...

Beautiful shots Lex - I know what you mean though - on my bike ride yesterday it was so dry - and that was riding along the river!
A little bit of good steady rain really wouldn't go astray (but im glad the weekend will be good weather for my mums sake!)

Thanks for your well wishes for tomorrow too!