Saturday, January 24, 2009

Want to know what I get up too on a Sunday?

that's me at my market stall
Every Sunday
I'm up at the crack of dawn and sometimes earlier
to go to our local Sunday market to sell
you guessed it scrapping stuff!
I'm on the waiting list for a permanent site under cover

(I hope I get one soon)
last week and this week I have a casual under cover site
Who knows what I will have next week
If I am outside I am limited as to what I can take
as you are exposed to the elements in that case
I take stuff that we no longer want or need
and a very limited selection of scrapbooking stuff
You meet all sorts of interesting characters
(customers and stall holders)
mental note to one self remember take camera more often

It's been a busy week this week with DH going back to work
me getting extra hours at work
and getting the kids organized to go back to school in just over a week

Well my lovelies
I had better go
still got to organize the stuff
I'm taking to the market tomorrow

cook tea and make beds as I washed sheets today

If anyone is interested
I have put up some clear stamps
and a cutting system
on my stuff for sale blog

you can find the link up the top right

Leaving you with this cartoon
DH thought we might find it amusing



Amanda said...

Hope tomorrow is a profitable day at the stall! I love that cartoon - hilarious!!

vicmbee said...

love your blogs....just send you an email hope you have a great day at the markets tomorrow....

CreativeMe68 said...

Oh I love that cartoon, I have to copy that one! Hope your market day was profitable for you, Love your other site. Just wished I could afford some new stuff right now, I have so much scrapping supplies that I am trying to use some of it up before I buy any new stuff. Hope you are having a nice Australia Day

chrisw said...

You go girl! I bet it's hot in that shed!Look at you..they should pay you just for strutting your stuff honeyYou look gorgeous!

Julie said...

oh wow! thats cool, and lots of heavy stuff though, but I bet its great fun!
I used to do the markets, and loved every minute of it too!

Oh and I love that cartoon too LOL

amanda73 said...

i love going browsing at the markets, hope you get your permanent undercover site soon........ just deciding which stamps i want the will email you............. love that cartoon, hilarious