Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How much does a Bug cost?

This fried Bug cost me $88.00
it had crawled into the timer of the washing machine
causing it to short out and flick the safety switch
it could have been worse
the cheeky little buggar could have blown the timer
that would have hurt a lot more
as it would have been closer to $200.00
to have it fixed
just had to share my fried Bug story




vicmbee said...

ewww!!! dirty little beggar sure got what he deserved climbing in where he doesn't belong....pity it costed you so much..

Julie said...

ewwwww yuckkkkkkk eeeeeeekkkkk
and and and yeah, he deserved to fry for that ROFL

Tracey said... have to wonder why they crawl into them spaces. Cheeky little

G3 said...

ewww! I hate them. They are everywhere in my house too. Give me too many surprises and some crunches at night too!!(getting smashed under the foot)
Gosh !!!it caused so much trouble!!
I need to watch out too then!!

Mandy said...

yukkies...crunching in the night for gayatri...thats grose...88 imagine how much scrapping stuff you could have got!!!xxx

Kylie said...

Ew, thats what it gets for going places it shouldn't be! Aren't they just the most horrible creatures?????