Thursday, January 1, 2009


Just a few shots I snapped of the fire works while sitting on the back step of our home
they were a couple of kilometers away
I'm quite pleased how they turned out
Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year



vicmbee said...

great photo's fireworks near us anywhere.... telly was my closest...Happy New Year hope its a good one for ya..

Kath Parker said...

Beautiful photos Lexie.Hope you had a wonderful new year.

kath xx

Nat said...

Happy New Year darlin
wishing you and your family a great happy prosperous healthy scrapfilled 2009
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

Mandy said...

Happy new year...hope it is fabulous for you!!!!
Great photos too...

Kathie said...

Oh Lexie!! From that distance you have captured the most amazing photos!!! I went to the ones at Nagambie was right there and didn't get anything like that!! Infact I have 3 shots that are usable in anyway!!
Keep Checking out the blog for the packs, Hayley is posting them and I have no idea when!!!
You are only an hour away from me Lexie!! We simply must get together for a cuppa and a chat soon.

CreativeMe68 said...

Happy New Year to you Lexie!!! Love the fireworks photos....and I am loving the new photo of your Lex!!!
You look like one hot lil mumma!

amanda73 said...

great pics, it would have to have been the quietest new years near me in a long time, it was dead quiet, quite eerie in fact, cant wait to see the pics scrapped, have a wonderful 2009

Shell said...

OMG what awesome pics Lexie. Hope you had a nice NYE. I love the fact im 'old' now and can just veg at home and watch them in the street hehe...