Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My day started pretty much as it usually does
I let the dog out to do her thing
put the coffee pot on
checked my emails
had coffee
called the girls
wandered about a bit and made mental notes of what I should do for the day
gave Bella a hurry up Anna was up dresses and having breaky
put a load of washing on
made the bed
did the dishes
said bye and have a good day to DH and the girls
played about on the computer for a bit
had a shower
hung out washing
wandered about and looked at everything that needed to be done
went blog hopping and played about a bit more on the computer
had lunch
looked at things that I should have been doing
spent a bit of time on Debs Creations
looked at some scrapping stuff with the intention of starting a page
nothing happening there mojo let me down
packaged goodies to post
wandered about looking at all the things I should have been doing
went to the post office and posted package
picked girls up from school
took girls to Sams warehouse to buy cards and Kris Kringle pressy
arrived at Doctors for Bellas appointment he was running behind time so ended up being there over an hour
came home and Bella and I prepared tea
ate tea
did dishes
spent more time on the computer blog hopping and checking out the forum and gallery to see what the Challenge Chicks were up to
watched a bit of telly and made a mental note that I really need to start and finish lots of things tomorrow

It is now tomorrow and I am still looking at the stuff I need to be doing
My goal today is to start one of the jobs and finish it


amanda73 said...

hope your mojo comes back, im trying to get mine so i can start on your challenge at debs, im having trouble figuring out what around the house to use, but i will get there

Mandy said...

That is so funny...i am exhausted reading it, but thats pretty much an everyday for me!!!! Hope today was better for you!!!

vicmbee said...

pretty much sounds like my day as well...I got your parcel of Tuesday thanks heaps Lexie...

chrisw said...

Your day sounds a bit like mine have been of late but mine ias more running to the shops,running at the will be the same..I'll need a oliday when I get back LOl...luv ya honey!!

elle said...

lol, domesticity can be a burden at times. hope this week ends up better!!

btw, i have given you a blog award. you are always sending me positive vibes through your comments, and i appreciate it! check out my blog for the details :)