Monday, November 10, 2008

It's now Monday Husbands at work and kids are at school.
I've done the washing (just need to hang it out) reduced the pile of ironing and done some of the house work.

This afternoon I am going to take photos of the school concert dress rehearsal.
The concert is being held at the Capital Theater and we are not able to take photos on the night.
All the photos I take will be given to the school so all the school community can have access to them.

Yesterday I took some things we no longer want and a few scrapbooking products to the Sunday market there were lots of people about but not a lot of spenders. Sold more junk than scrapbooking stuff.

Saturday I did a car boot sale that was a bit of a fizzer too many fairs for schools etc on.

Something very unusual happened here on Friday it RAINED all day it was wonderful.
I took a couple of pics have put one up for you to see.

Have been trying to get some of this months challenges done for Debs Creations.
I know what I want to do for them but the ideas and pictures I have in my head are not translating very well onto the page.

Oh well will have to keep working on them.

Rain falling on the road

Thanks for looking
Have a wonderful day
untill next time

for all her Scrapbooking successes

Take a look at her blog it is definitely worth a look

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