Saturday, October 11, 2008


Does anyone out there know how to break a chain of bad luck.
We seem to have had more than our fair share of late, the latest being another broken window one of the largest we have. My DH got motivated and started to clean up the yard today and was whipper snipping the long grass everything was going well untill a stone was thrown up and hit the window so the rest of his afternoon was spent on the phone with the insurance company they were very good and sent someone to check it out the window is boarded up and will be fixed Monday.
I have spent the week spring cleaning still have loads to do I am getting rid of lots of things that we no longer have a use for. Instead of a garage sale I am taking the stuff up to the Sunday market to sell. Went last week and did qite well if things don't sell in a couple of weeks I will take them to the Tip Shop they are not going to take up space in our home any more.
Next week I hope to get some scrapping done will share with you if I do.
Catch you all later.


chrisw said...

Oh Lexie..Maybe it was good luck in disguise..maybe that window needed to be replaced or could have broken at the most terriblest time..I'm praying for you Darl..Hang in there!xxx

CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Lexie this is not good, hopefully with all the spring cleaning that you are doing you will take away all the bad luck with you to the Tip Shop. It will get better...I know! Lets scrap away our weekend. Luv Shaz

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

thoughts are with you Lexie, hope things turn around for the better soon hun:)

MWAH and HUGS Angie

vicmbee said...

Hi Lexie, how you going I hope your chain of bad luck has broken by now. There was a great quote on my blog the other day I don't remember who wrote it...
"If you are going through hell.......keep going".

So keep going, it will end soon there is light at the end of the tunnel. Been thinking of you