Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why is it that people you don't even know can upset you?

Bella had to be at school by 7.15 this morning.....the school soccer team she plays for were playing in Melbourne today so it was an early start in our house today. All was going well until I went to turn into the car park for work that's when a woman who was turning out of the car park abused me for not giving way to her.......excuse me but I had the right of way. Went through my normal routine switch on lights, computer, money in till etc got my coffee ready to check emails.....in comes my first customer for the day....an older lady wants a refill for a tape dispenser I explained that I didn't stock that brand any longer well she was quite rude....I only spent the extra money on this as I was told you stock the refills for this.....upon further enquiries it turns out that she purchased it when the previous owners had the store over a year ago. I was very polite and told her of another shop that she may be able get a refill as they stock that particular brands products......then she just walks out the door saying it's not good enough etc....that was the first time I have ever seen her in the shop....shes one of those people that you don't forget.....after she left I seemed to have a black cloud hanging over me all day. Why is it that some people can upset you like that? I did put on the bright happy face for any customer that came into the store not that there were many and I finished the LO I started yesterday. Tomorrow will be a better day.

This is the LO I finished today

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CreativeMe68 said...

Good Morning Lexie, Hope your day has started much brighter than yesterday did! Yeh I hate rude peoples too, especially when you didn't do anything wrong.....The lady musn't scrapbook much!!! I go through a tape runner a week here! LOL! Love your Scrapping Zone LO!