Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today has been a miserable cold day only got to 10 degrees, way to cold for my liking, hurry up summer. There were a couple of showers just enough to be annoying I don't mind the rain just hate the cold and boy do we need the rain.
Everything was back to normal at our house this morning DD1 who's voice disappeared yesterday could whisper this morning and said she felt well enough to go to school, so off she went with a pocket full of throat lozengers. DH was back at work after a couple of days off, said he didn't get everything done that he wanted too I think he was trying do a weeks worth of things in 2 days. That's men for you.
As I said before it's cold here I think the temperature has dropped to about 3 degrees BRRRRR I HATE WINTER.

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